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About Our Council

Team and Leadership
Gary Stevens

Gary Stevens

Acting Chief Information Officer, Department of Education

Serve as the (Acting) Chief Information Officer (CIO) to manage a team of over 100 government and contract personnel and the execution of multi-million-dollar budget. Develop strategic plans for the use of IT within the Department and initiate and advocate for department-wide system enhancements and changes to support the Secretary's initiative. Develop and implement policies and safeguards to protect the Department's IT, while managing the organizational framework to improve the planning and controls of IT investments. Execute holistic information technology missions and functions, ensuring they are integrated, prioritized, and executed within the framework of the strategic plans, priorities, and allocated resources. Direct the study of new and changing concepts and emerging technology of IT systems. Integrate policies, procedures, and guidelines to improve the management and utilization of information and IT resources throughout the Department. Advise other Department officials on new and emerging technologies in the areas of IT infrastructure, communication, IT security, and IT system development that may benefit the Department.

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