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CIO Council initiatives


Image of the Federal Cybersecurity Reskilling Academy logo

Federal Cybersecurity Reskilling Academy

The Federal Cybersecurity Reskilling Academies looks to take two cohorts of current federal employees from and training them to be entry level Incident Response Analysts, Cyber Defense Analysts, Digital Forensic Analysts, or Security Operations Center...

Past Initiatives

Image of the Tech/Cyber Hiring and Recruitment logo

Federal Tech/Cyber Hiring & Recruitment

To operate and innovate in the federal IT space, the United States Federal Government must continue to invest in recruiting the necessary talent. The Federal Government must compete to recruit IT talent needed to defend...

Image of the Federal Women in IT logo

Federal Women in IT

In celebration of Women’s History Month, the Federal Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC) is pleased to host Women in Federal Information Technology and Cybersecurity. This event brings together the nation’s top federal information technology executives...