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12 Dec 2018

NSF Looks for Innovative Technology to Prepare for the Workforce of the Future via the Career Compass Challenge

By: Dorothy Aronson, Chief Information Officer of the National Science Foundation
National Science Foundation's Career Compass Challenge

Technology is changing the way we do our work, and the work itself. To keep up, the National Science Foundation (NSF) plans to invest in its most critical resource – the workforce. And it’s not just NSF. The need for an adaptable and ready workforce extends to other Federal agencies...

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30 Nov 2018

Administration Announces First Federal Cyber Reskilling Pilot Program

By: CIO Council Operations
Image of the United States from a NASA satellite

Washington - Today, the Office of Management and Budget, the CIO Council and the Department of Education announced the first Federal Cyber Reskilling Academy (FCRA) pilot program. This program offers Federal employees the opportunity for hands-on training in cybersecurity, one of the fastest growing fields in the country. This reskilling...

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31 Oct 2018

Wrapping up National Cybersecurity Awareness Month

By: Grant Schneider, Federal CISO
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Learn more at

The 15th annual National Cybersecurity Awareness month has come to an end and this year’s theme Cybersecurity is our shared responsibility and we all must work together to improve it highlights the needs for all of us to work together to drive progress and help keep our nation safe and...

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12 Oct 2018

Hiring for the 21st Century: Strengthening the Federal Cyber Workforce

By: Jason Gray, CIO of the Dept. of Education and Co-Chair of the CIO Council's Workforce Committee
Image of a person coding on a laptop

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). This week’s NCSAM theme is “Millions of Rewarding Jobs: Educating For a Career in Cybersecurity”. Since its inception, the CIO Council Workforce Committee has worked in partnership with the federal human capital community to develop, implement and communicate strategies to recruit, retain, and...

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01 Oct 2018

National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, 2018

By: CIO Council Operations
October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. Learn more at

Americans are spending more time online than ever before. As more people use the Internet for online shopping, banking, financial management, and socializing, they also expose themselves to increased cyber risks. Online threats and cyber-attacks threaten the future of our national and economic security. Because cybersecurity is important to our...

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