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Dev/Ops Challenge

Showcase your coding skills. Solve real-world challenges.

Third challenge ends in

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The federal government must attract top IT talent to modernize federal IT systems and deliver the most secure and effective services to the American people. To recruit the best qualified IT talent, in the most timely and cost-effective manner, we need to transform the federal IT hiring process.

The CIO Council has partnered with technology hiring experts to pilot the first interagency code challenge. Code challenges are used extensively in the private sector to source and pre-qualify IT talent, and they are viewed as an industry best practice. The #CIOCode Challenge pilot program begins May 6 and includes three separate online skill assessments, which run for one month each.

> Code Challenge Timeline

6 May

Challenge 1 Begins

Front End challenge kicks off. The Front End challenge tests HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and core UX/UI concepts.
9 June

Challenge 1 Ends

Front End challenge closes.
10 June

Challenge 2 Begins

Core CS challenge kicks off. The Core CS challenge tests problem-solving skills, coding knowledge, and fundamentals using a coding language of the participant's choice.
7 July

Challenge 2 Ends

Core CS challenge closes.
8 Jul

Challenge 3 Begins

Dev/Ops challenge kicks off. The Dev/Ops challenge tests technical experience (e.g., software development or network engineering) and software development operational best practices. Sign up!
7 Aug

Challenge 3 Ends

Dev/Ops challenge closes.

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