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The Federal IT Shared Services Strategy was released on May 2, 2012 and provides Federal Agency Chief Information Officers and key stakeholders guidance on the implementation of shared IT services as a key part of their efforts to eliminate waste and duplication and reinvest in innovative mission systems. The strategy seeks to improve the return on investment for IT spending, close productivity gaps, increase communications with the managing partners and customers of shared services, and support agencies in implementing the PortfolioStat process.The Shared Services Strategy covers the entire spectrum of IT shared service opportunities throughout the Federal Government and promotes the use of existing and new strategic sourcing methods where agencies can combine their buying power for similar IT needs and get lower prices and improved service leverage in the process. To be successful in resource-constrained operating environments, Federal Agencies must also eliminate wasteful spending that results from implementing duplicative solutions for mission, support, and commodity IT functions.

To achieve the Shared Services goal, the first-ever, government-wide shared services management and oversight operation model was developed for delivering mission support functions such as financial management, human resources, and acquisition. A new cross-governmental Shared Services Governance Board (SSGB) was launched to serve as the decision-making body for the shared services ecosystem and to advise the OMB designated Shared Services Policy Officer (SSPO), who will develop and implement the shared services policy across government.

In addition, the Office of Unified Shared Services Management (USSM) was established within the General Services Administration (GSA) to serve as an integration body for the ecosystem, working across functions, providers and consumers to improve shared service delivery and increase agency adoption.This new model will synchronize good government, consumer satisfaction, and provider entrepreneurship and innovation. For more information regarding federal shared services, please go to


Unified Shared Services Management
Accompanies the Shared Service Strategy to provide agile, standardized methods and tools for designing the next generation of IT resources and shared services that agencies will need to successfully accomplish their missions in the face of tight resources and rising customer needs.