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Far too often, IT projects, especially large projects, cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than they should, take years longer than necessary to deploy, and deliver technologies that are obsolete by the time they are completed. As a result of the state of IT projects across the Federal Government, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) launched TechStat Accountability Sessions (TechStat) in January 2010.

A TechStat is a face-to-face, evidence-based accountability review of an IT investment; it enables the Federal Government to intervene to turn around, halt or terminate IT projects that are failing or are not producing results for the American people.On December 9, 2010, the Federal CIO released the 25 Point Implementation Plan to Reform Federal Information Technology Management. The plan established the requirement for Federal agencies to establish TechStat sessions on troubled investments on an on-going basis at the department level by March 2011. The plan also called on CIOs to expand those TechStat sessions to the bureau-level within agencies by June 2012. In 2015, TechStats were written into Federal law.

The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA), passed by Congress in December 2014, is a historic law that represents the first major overhaul of Federal information Technology (IT) in almost 20 years. FITARA and the guidance that implements it, stipulates that Agencies must conduct TechStats on IT investments that are at risk of failure.

CIOs across the Government have held hundreds of agency-led TechStats, and the results of these reviews have enabled agencies to achieve hundreds of millions in cost implications (e.g. cost avoidance, life cycle cost avoidance, and/or reallocation of funding).


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