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TechStat Toolkit


Letter of introduction from Vivek Kundra, U.S. Chief Information Officer

Table of Contents List

TechStat Toolkit resources, explaining each resource’s use in the TechStat process

  1. TechStat Training Deck

    Office of E-Government and Information Technology training deck; presented to agencies during the February 2011 in-person training sessions
  2. TechStat Guide

    Process guide; takes staff through each step of the TechStat process, from discovery to follow up; should be amended for agency-specific use
  3. One Page Summary

    Template for a one-page summary of TechStat for distribution to various stakeholders
  4. Questions List

    List of questions that may be used for investment analysis before or during a TechStat session
  5. Agency Training Deck

    Template for briefing staff and executives on the TechStat model
  6. Briefing Deck

    Template for the PPT deck used during a TechStat session
  7. Follow Up Briefing Deck

    Template for the PPT deck used during a follow up TechStat session (to be used only for follow up TechStat sessions)
  8. Corrective Action Plan

    Template for documenting a detailed action plan for correcting problems identified during a TechStat session; may be partially complete prior to a session
  9. Notifications

    Set of notification templates to be used to introduce staff to the TechStat model, notify them of an investment’s selection for a TechStat review, and invite them to a session
  10. Agenda

    Template for an agenda to ensure a focus on problem solving and next steps at a TechStat session
  11. Sign In Sheet

    Template for a sign in sheet to be used to keep track of attendance and seating at a TechStat session
  12. Meeting Logistics

    Seating chart and name placard template for a TechStat session
  13. Meeting Minutes

    Template for meeting minutes for use during a TechStat session
  14. Follow Up Memo

    Template for a formal follow up memo to communicate action items resulting from a TechStat session
  15. Outcomes Briefing Deck

    Summary of outcomes of a series of TechStat sessions