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Articles from the CIO Council & Our Partners

Innovation Sandbox Pilot Launch

By Maria Roat, CIO of the Small Business Administration and Chair of the CIO Council's Innovation Committee · March 15, 2018

The CIO Council’s Innovation Committee is a vehicle to lead innovation and drive strategic change, including digital projects across the federal enterprise. In late 2017, the Small Business Administration (SBA) received funding from the CIO Council’s Innovation Committee to develop and implement a pilot initiative allowing agencies access to a platform to test new technologies and methodologies - the Innovation Sandbox.

Preliminary Results of the CIO Council’s Government-wide Hiring Event Demonstrate Effectiveness of CXO Collaboration

By CIO Council Operations · February 02, 2018

Recent industry reports project a 1.8 million cybersecurity workforce shortage across the globe by 2022. To operate and innovate in the federal IT space, the United States Federal Government must continue to invest in recruiting the necessary talent.

  • 2018
  • Federal CIO Council 2017 Accomplishments

    By CIO Council Operations · December 29, 2017

    This post highlights the CIOC's Accomplishments from 2017.

    Universal Design - What's in it for me??

    By CIO Council Operations · December 21, 2017

    In private and public spaces, the role of the CIO is morphing in line with changing technologies and priorities. Today, CIOs now operate more as business managers or brokers, responsible for defining information technology (IT) strategy and administering and implementing digital services.