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Articles from the CIO Council & Our Partners

Cybersecurity Awareness Month Round Up

By Chris DeRusha, Federal CISO and Steven Hernandez, CISO at Education · November 10, 2021

Federal agencies did it again! CIOs, CISOs, and their staff pulled together for another successful Cybersecurity Awareness Month. With this year’s overarching theme of “Do Your Part. #Becybersmart”, agency CIOs and CISOs did a great job educating, bringing awareness, and emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity.

Is Your TV Listening to You? Cyber Tips from a Chief Information Security Officer

By Paul Cunningham, Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs · October 25, 2021

The Nation’s response to the pandemic has highlighted that our society not only uses technology but is also profoundly reliant on technology in our daily lives.When new technology becomes available, we are often amazed and excited to incorporate it into our lives. However, that amazement quickly becomes an expectation for reliability, and the excitement turns to a yearning for more innovation. Yet, in our efforts to satisfy this drive for greater innovation, we often overlook the risks that come with deploying cutting-edge technology while sustaining what we already have.

FMG Publishes International Travel Guidance for Mobile Devices

By The Federal Mobility Group · October 19, 2021
Image of Security Precautions: Physical Control, Encryption, and Wireless Features. Source: Overseas security Advisory Council

The Federal CIO Council’s Federal Mobility Group (FMG) announces release of a draft report that presents in a handy reference guide the best practices and lessons-learned for the use of government-furnished equipment (GFE) such as mobile devices by federal employees on international travel. The public comment period extends to the end of December 2021.

We Need You – For Cybersecurity!

By Paul E. Blahusch, Chief Information Security Officer, U.S. Department of Labor · October 18, 2021
Image of fingerprint on motherboard. Third week in October Cybersecurity Career Awareness Week. Did you know this week is devoted to cybersecurity careers? share your story!

If you’re looking for meaningful IT work, cybersecurity is the place to be. Cybersecurity professionals help protect peoples’ finances, clean drinking water, traffic control systems, food supply chains, health information, and more. If you have the interest and aptitudes needed for a career in cybersecurity, I highly encourage you to give it a try…