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Articles from the CIO Council & Our Partners

Everything you need to know about the TMF allocation to improve public-facing digital services

By Clare Martorana · June 16, 2022

Earlier today, we announced that $100 million of the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) will be designated to help streamline and improve public-facing digital services and technology systems to deliver a better customer experience to the American people.

Announcing the Federal IT Operating Plan: Strategically Aligning Investments to Deliver a Modern Government

By Clare Martorana · June 10, 2022

Every day, the public experiences well-designed interactions when using consumer products and services. They’re easy and intuitive. The public rightfully wants, expects, and deserves the same experience when interacting with the Government – and it’s possible.

International Travel Guidance for Government Mobile Devices

By The Federal Mobility Group · February 23, 2022

The Federal Mobility Group (FMG) just released their International Travel Guidance for Government Mobile Devices report. The document details a series of best practices agencies can adopt to safeguard Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)-mobile devices against attacks while in use during travel to foreign countries.

Customer Experience EO- A more simple, seamless, and secure customer experience for the American public

By Clare Martorana · December 13, 2021

The Customer Experience Executive Order calls the Federal IT Community into action since it is technology that underpins the Government’s ability to deliver a more simple, seamless, and secure customer experience for the American public.

An Official website of the Federal Government

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