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Federal Cyber Reskilling Academy

> The Vision

The Federal Cybersecurity Reskilling Academy offers Federal employees the opportunity for hands-on training in cybersecurity, one of the fastest growing fields in the country. This reskilling effort is part of the Administration’s commitment to developing a Federal workforce of the 21st century, as outlined in the President’s Management Agenda and the recent Government Reform Plan.

The inaugural class will be made up of current Federal employees who do not work in the IT field and will help them build foundational skills in the field of Cyber Defense Analysis.

> The Program

Once accepted, Academy students will complete a three-month curriculum consisting of three training courses.

The curriculum begins with a cyber essentials course that begins with an onsite workshop, followed by four weeks of follow-on learning, exercises, and exams. Students then attend a “bootcamp” course live for six full days, followed by two weeks of study and a certification exam. The final course is another “bootcamp,” followed by additional study and a final certification exam

Students who successfully pass the certification exam move on to the final course, which follows a similar timeline.

Additionally, Academy participants may complete extracurricular activities and exercises to enhance their learning and skills development, such as online games, cyber competitions, and more. Participants will receive career mentorship and soft skills guidance to help them prepare for re-deploying into the cybersecurity workforce.

> Cohort 1

  • Open to Federal employees who do not currently work in IT
  • Federal employees in the following series are not eligible to apply
    • GS-0854 - Computer Engineers
    • GS-1550 - Computer Scientists
    • GS-0855 - Electronics Engineers
    • GS-2210 - IT Specialists
  • November 2018 through June 2019

> Cohort 2

  • Open to all Federal employees
  • More details coming in early 2019

> Apply

The FCRA is open to Federal employees. Please select the application below based on your current grade level.
This grade level selection will not have an effect on your eligibility.

> Program Timeline

30 Nov


The application process will run from November 30th through January 11th.
11 Jan

Application Deadline

The program will no longer accept applications after January 11th.
14 Jan


The first assessments will be sent out starting January 14th to the applicants.

Assessments will be emailed. No prior cybersecurity knowledge is necessary to complete this assessment.
Only applicants that pass the assessment will be considered for the program.

The assessment period ends January 25th.
25 Feb


The program will review, score, interview and select applicants.
Applicants will be notified of their selection starting February 25th and must complete their registration by the time courses begin on March 11th.
11 Mar


Training will run from March 11th through June 9th, 2019
10 Jun


> Frequently Asked Questions

When will I hear about my application status?

Applications will be reviewed throughout January and February 2019. Some applicants may be contacted by the admissions team with additional questions or for a brief interview. All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by March 11.

What are the application dates?

Applications will open on November 30, 2018, and close at 11:59pm EST on January 11, 2019.

I submitted my application; what’s next?

After completing the application, your USAJOBS profile will indicate that the application has been successfully submitted. Invitations to complete the assessment will be sent starting on January 14, 2019. Applicants will have until January 25, 2019, to complete the assessment.

Applications and assessment scores will be reviewed between January 25th and February 22nd. Final decisions will be communicated to each applicant by March 11th.

If I am not selected for the Academy, will there be another Academy in the future?

Yes, the CIO Council is sponsoring a second pilot for Spring 2019 that will be open to all Federal employees, including IT professionals. There may be additional pilots after that. Please continue to visit this website for the most up-to-date information.

Can I see the results of my assessment?

No, the results of the assessment will not be shared with applicants.

Am I guaranteed a cybersecurity position upon completion of the program?

The Council cannot guarantee that individuals who complete the Academy will be offered jobs; however, graduates will develop the necessary skills and certification to apply for cybersecurity positions at Federal agencies. The program team will provide coaching and guidance to graduates to complete competitive applications for these positions.

If I am not selected for the Academy, what can I do to improve my cybersecurity knowledge and skills?

There are a variety of free resources available online to help build cybersecurity knowledge. Online learning platforms often offer free or low-cost content that learners can take on-demand, at their own pace. In addition, the Federal Virtual Training Environment (FedVTE), hosted by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies, offers training for free to government personnel and veterans.

Is there a cost for the Academy?

The Academy is offered at no cost to students. Individuals are responsible for ensuring their supervisors’ approval for participation and must comply with their agency’s specific policies related to training. The Academy does not cover travel costs.

Do I need a laptop?

Yes, a laptop is required and each course provides detailed laptop requirements. If you do not have a laptop, one may be provided for you during the Academy. Click on the links below to see laptop requirements.

SEC401: SANS Security Essentials

SEC504: Hacker Tools, Techniques, Exploits and Incident Handling

Do I need to talk to my supervisor prior to submitting an application?

Yes, you will need your supervisor’s approval to attend the Academy and will be required to include your supervisor’s contact information on the application.

Will I be paid for the time off required to take the live course and will this cover any overtime pay?

You and your supervisor should discuss the requirements for this program and ensure that you are able to fulfill the requirements. Each applicant is responsible for working with their supervisor to ensure compliance with each agency’s policies.

Where will the training take place?

The training courses will be held at the U.S. Department of Education’s Lyndon Baines Johnson building at 400 Maryland Ave SW in Washington, DC.

I’m currently in Information Technology. Why can’t I apply?

This is a reskilling Academy created to develop new talent to fill open cybersecurity positions in the government. The Academy allows the government to meet the growing need for cybersecurity and IT skills by finding high-potential talent among employees not working in IT or cybersecurity. The next cohort in Spring 2019 will be open to IT professionals. Please check for more details.

Whom may I contact for more information?

For more information on the Academy, please contact

I have a disability. Will this program provide accommodations for me?

Yes, the Academy partners will provide accommodations. Please contact to discuss your needs.

If I am close to retirement from my current position, may I enroll?

While you may apply for the Academy, you should discuss with your supervisor whether your agency may require a Continuing Service Agreement upon completion of the training.