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May 31, 2018

Help Wanted - Increase the Effectiveness of your Tax Dollar

By Margaret Weichert, OMB Deputy Director of Management


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The Federal government spends at least $90 billion annually on IT. The announcement of the President’s Management Agenda included a cross-agency priority goal specifically focused on increasing transparency in spend and performance metrics associated with IT across the enterprise. The adoption of the Technology Business Management (TBM) Framework will provide more granularity in IT investments based upon an open-source taxonomy broadly accepted across both private and public sector organizations. The effort will help Federal executives to make data-driven decisions and analyze trade-offs between cost, quality and value when allocating valuable tax payer dollars to support IT initiatives.

To help further TBM’s success in government, we are inviting the Technology marketplace to participate in designing the solution with us. Today, we’ve announced the formal start of market research to solicit ideas from interested parties to help the Federal government efficiently aggregate and analyze technology and business process data across the enterprise. We encourage interested parties to review publicly-available government data sources and identify the challenges, gaps, or benefits are of using these data sources to capture federal IT spend in the TBM taxonomy.

Our goal is to gather information around existing capabilities to automate the collection of data from multiple, disparate sources of data containing both structured and unstructured data elements to support the preparation and adoption of standard taxonomies in large organizations. The tools and/or services to be presented should include the latest capabilities in advanced data analytics and business intelligence to support the adoption of each layer identified within the TBM framework.

Improving IT spending transparency represents a tremendous opportunity for the government – an opportunity that sits squarely at the intersection of the cross-agency priorities outlined in the President’s Management Agenda: Modernize IT to Increase Productivity and Security, Sharing Quality Services, Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset, Shifting from Low-Value to High-Value Work, and Developing a Workforce for the 21st Century.

The complete announcement can be found on FedBizOpps. Interested parties are invited to register to participate in a Virtual Industry event (Tuesday, June 26). The event will offer the opportunity to hear additional details regarding the intention of the Federal government to leverage TBM to drive IT transparency, and ask on-line questions on the information in the announcement. Requirements are also provided for interested parties to participate in a Reverse Industry day to be held in July. This multi-day event will give interested parties the opportunity to demonstrate capabilities that exist for software and/or service solutions to support this effort.

We encourage interested parties to participate and help the government usher in a new era of accountability!

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