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Articles from the CIO Council & Our Partners

The Top 10 Things Federal Technology Leaders Should Know About OMB’s Draft AI Policy

By Clare Martorana, Federal CIO, and Conrad Stosz, OFCIO Director of Artificial Intelligence · December 11, 2023

In October 2023, President Biden signed the landmark Executive Order 14110: Safe, Secure, and Trustworthy Development and Use of Artificial Intelligence. We recognize that when AI is used to make decisions and take actions that have a consequential impact on the lives of individuals, the government has a distinct responsibility to identify and manage AI risks.

Help Us Deliver A Digital-First Government

By Clare Martorana, Federal CIO · November 17, 2023

In September 2023, The Office of Management and Budget published the Delivering a Digital-First Public Experience guidance. The guidance provides agencies with tangible actions and timelines to deliver a digital experience that meets the public’s expectation now and in the future.

NCAM 2023: Protecting Yourself Online

By Ryan A. Higgins, Department of Commerce Chief Information Security Officer · October 23, 2023

The 20th anniversary of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month is an excellent reminder that not only are cyber threats still a serious issue, but they have also grown and become more sophisticated.

The Call to Serve: Help Us Tackle the Nation’s Tech Challenges

By Clare Martorana, Federal Chief Information Officer · September 19, 2023

Technology enables the Government to deliver on its mission. We need technologists at the table collaborating with our Nation’s leaders and providing expertise on how best to launch products and services that are secure by design, digital by default, and accessible to people of all abilities. Read more about how you can join us in the Federal Government.

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