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July 22, 2021

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions

By Federal Technology Investment Management CoP


Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) is a comprehensive solution-based contract vehicle to address all federal agency IT telecommunications and infrastructure requirements. It reduces agency costs and acquisition time by leveraging an existing contract and allows agencies to focus on missions. EIS is required for GSA to fulfill its Congressional mandate to provide telecommunications services for the Federal Government.

OMB announced the designation of Best-in-Class for the EIS contract. The BIC-designation for EIS represents a preferred governmentwide solution and provides a unique opportunity to leverage the government’s buying power.

Awarded on July 31, 2017, the EIS contract outlines the following key objectives:

  • Simplifying the process of acquiring telecommunications and IT products and services.
  • Providing cost savings through aggregated volume buying, price, and spend visibility.
  • Enabling the procurement of integrated solutions.
  • Promoting participation by small businesses and fostering competition.
  • Offering a flexible and agile suite of services supporting a range of government purchasing patterns.

To support the Federal Government’s goal to leverage data and buy smart, a crosswalk was developed by ITST PMO in collaboration with agency representatives to identify the relationships across key initiatives to provide a holistic view of technology spending.

How does it work?

Track cost and cost allocation from the point of procurement through the lifecycle of the purchase. Use the mapping spreadsheet for the recommended relationships, as seen in Figure 1 below.

  • Hierarchy of EIS Service Name to the EIS Contract Line Item Number (CLIN) Name.
  • Mapping of EIS CLIN to Product Service Code (PSC).
  • Mapping of EIS CLIN to TBM taxonomy Tower and Sub-tower.
  • Mapping of EIS CLIN to TBM taxonomy Service Category and Service Name.
  • Mapping of EIS CLIN to IT Investments for ‘Standard IT Investment’ reporting.

Figure 1

The purpose of the mapping spreadsheet is to help enable traceability on the costs associated with EIS-related products and services and consistent categorization of technology spending.

Additional EIS resources can be found on the GSA Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions webpage.

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