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Federal Mobility Group (FMG) Community of Practice

The FMG is chartered under the Federal Chief Information Officers Council and works across the federal government to identify common mobility challenges, develop workable solutions, and create opportunities to share best practices. As Federal Agencies become increasingly reliant on using wireless and mobility solutions to meet their mission, it becomes increasingly important for Federal Agencies to collaborate with each other to leverage their successful and proven solutions.

The FMG was born out of the consolidation of the Mobile Services Category Team (MSCT) and the Mobile Technology Tiger Team (MTTT). Comprised of mobility subject matter experts (SMEs) from Departments and Agencies across the Federal Government, the MSCT and MTTT had been partnering for nearly two years to address common mobility challenges prior to the formation of the FMG. Consolidating the two groups crystalized the partnership, which now positions the FMG to respond to the evolving definition of mobility and emerging technologies that comprise the mobility landscape. The FMG provides a singular conduit for the federal mobile community, whose purpose is to share information and identify cross-agency needs for mobile policy, guidance and best practices, acquisition of mobile devices and services, and operational requirements for federal mobility programs.

The FMG is co-chaired by mobile leaders from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), General Services Administration (GSA), and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The FMG reports to the Federal CIO Council, with executive sponsorship by a Federal Agency Senior Executive. To ensure the FMG appropriately considers acquisition policy and priorities set by the Office of Federal Procurement Policy, the FMG has a matrixed reporting relationship to the Federal IT Category Manager.


This community of practice is chartered under the Federal CIO Council, with a matrixed reporting relationship to the Federal IT Category Manager and the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (OFPP).

FMG Objectives

  1. Share information to enable government adoption of secure mobile technologies supporting mission
  2. Identify/Address member priorities (gaps/challenge areas)
  3. Identify/Address Federal CIO Council and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) priorities


Executive Sponsors:

  • Vaughn Noga (Chief Information Officer, Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Brian Epley (Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer, Department of Energy)
  • Jacob Marcellus (Executive Director, Enterprise Technology Solution, ITC, FAS, General Services Administration)


  • DHS CISA: Vincent Sritapan
  • GSA: Loren Smith
  • NIST: Gema Howell

Connect with Us


200+ federal mobility SMEs and support contractors from more than 45 Departments and Agencies across the Executive Branch are active in FMG. To join, each prospective member must have an active - .gov/.mil email address.


The FMG holds bi-monthly meetings on the first and third Tuesday of each month. FMG Leadership meetings of the co-chairs are held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.

Working Groups

The FMG currently has four main working groups (WGs) as follows:

FMG four main workig groups

 Resources & Deliverables

Documents, presentations, and meeting notes can be found on the FMG page on OMB This site is PIV/CAC-card accessible. Current deliverables can be found on the “News & Deliverables” page at

List of Public Deliverables (already published):

  1. JULY 16, 2019: Working Together to Advance Federal Mobility – FMG Blogpost
  2. OCTOBER 28, 2020: FMG Offers Mobile Security Advice for National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
  3. NOVEMBER 18, 2020: Federal Mobility Group Unveils 5G Testing Framework – Whitepaper
  4. MARCH 20, 2020: Mobility Categories and Acquisition Options.
  5. OCTOBER 19, 2021: Draft FMG International Travel Guidance for mobile devices and Public Comment matrix released for public comment until December 29, 2021. Read the corresponding blog post.
  6. February 23, 2022: International Travel Guidance for Government Mobile Devices

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