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Articles from the CIO Council & Our Partners

The Importance of Multifactor Authentication

By Ryan A. Higgins, Chief Information Security Officer, U.S. Department of Commerce · October 26, 2022

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is a great opportunity for all of us to think through how we approach cybersecurity in both our work and personal lives.

Transitioning from law enforcement to cybersecurity: A U.S. Digital Corps Fellow’s journey

By Jamila Crawford, a U.S. Digital Corps Fellow at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) · October 24, 2022

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In May 2021, President Biden signed Executive Order 14028, “Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity,” making cybersecurity a government-wide priority.

See Yourself in Cyber – Protect Yourself from Phishing

By Paul Blahusch, Chief Information Security Officer, U.S. Department of Labor · October 20, 2022

A pipeline is shut down for a week, resulting in delays in delivery of 20 billion gallons of oil. A large meat supplier halts operations at nine processing plants, causing shortages on supermarket shelves. 100 terabytes of intellectual property are stolen from a major media company.

Everything you need to know about the TMF allocation to improve public-facing digital services

By Clare Martorana · June 16, 2022

Earlier today, we announced that $100 million of the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) will be designated to help streamline and improve public-facing digital services and technology systems to deliver a better customer experience to the American people.

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