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News articles from 2020

Cybersecurity Experts Provide Remote Work Best Practices

By: Federal Mobility Group | 08 Jul 2020

Cybersecurity Experts Provide Remote Work Best Practices Millions of federal workers are now working from their homes because of the Coronavirus pandemic. This expansive telecommuting activity has increased the potential of sensitive government projects and information being exposed to unauthorized individuals. The CIO Council’s Federal Mobility Group recognizes the importance...

Tags: workforce cybersecurity

Meeting IT Priorities with TBM

By: Federal Technology Investment Management (FTIM) CoP | 30 Jun 2020

Technology Business Management (TBM) aligns cost to IT services to improve delivery and efficiency, meaning this framework can be leveraged successfully amongst Executive Leadership across agencies. TBM will ultimately empower agency CIOs to better understand and communicate the business and mission value of IT spending to senior executives, mission support...

Tags: it-modernization tbm tmf cybersecurity

CIO Council Releases the Future of the Federal IT Workforce Update

By: CIO Council Operations | 09 Jun 2020

Over the past nine months, the Federal Chief Information Officers Council (CIOC) worked to author an update that analyzed the major challenges affecting the Federal IT workforce. This update – the Future of the Federal IT Workforce – is a follow-up to the State of Federal Information Technology (SOFIT) Report...

Tags: cio-council workforce

Public Service Recognition Week – CIO Council

By: Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer | 08 May 2020

As I think about Public Service Recognition Week, I always reflect on the most frequently asked question I receive – “What is the difference between public sector and private sector in doing transformational work?” I usually answer this question with an analogy: Major initiatives in the private sector feel like...

Tags: cio-council

PMA Tech Initiatives Support Rapid Response to COVID-19

By: Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer | 07 May 2020

This blog was first posted on on May 7th, 2020. Successfully transitioning a workforce as large as the Federal Government’s to telework while maintaining a high level of service continuity is no easy task. In response to the Coronavirus global pandemic, many Federal Government services have utilized capabilities included...

Tags: innovation

The CIO Council Welcomes David Shive as Vice-Chair

By: CIO Council Support | 22 Apr 2020

The Federal Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council recently named David Shive, CIO at GSA, the Vice-Chair of the Chief Information Officers Council. David replaces Joe Klimavicz, CIO at DOJ, who retired in February. David has been a member of the Council for 5 years and also the Services, Strategy and...

Tags: cio-council

Connecting Americans to Coronavirus Information Online

By: CIO Council Support | 20 Apr 2020

This proclamation was first posted on White on April 15th, 2020. While there is no shortage of coronavirus content on the internet, the American people need access to the most up-to-date public health guidance and most relevant information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) testing facilities in their communities. The...

Tags: innovation

Administration Announces Cybersecurity Developmental Detail Opportunities

By: CIO Council Support | 13 Mar 2020

THE OFFICE OF MANAGEMENT AND BUDGET FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE March 11, 2020 Administration Announces Cybersecurity Developmental Detail Opportunities Washington, D.C. – Today, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Chief Information Officers Council, and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) are pleased to announce the availability of temporary detail...

Tags: cio-council workforce

Robotics Process Automation(RPA) - Priorities, Benefits, and Considerations for CIOs

By: CIO Council Support | 27 Feb 2020

By: CIO Council Support On January 15th, The Federal RPA Community of Practice released version 1.0 of the Federal RPA playbook highlighting 6 themes as a primer to the world of RPA. These themes include getting started; ensuring collaboration; establishing goals; investing in process and improvement; balancing governance and productivity;...

Tags: innovation