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CIO Council

News articles about CIO Council operations, announcements, and more

CIO Council Releases the Future of the Federal IT Workforce Update

By: CIO Council Operations | 09 Jun 2020

The Federal CIO Council authored an update that analyzed the major challenges affecting the Federal IT workforce. Check out the Future of the Federal IT Workforce Update.

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  • Public Service Recognition Week – CIO Council

    By: Suzette Kent, Federal Chief Information Officer | 08 May 2020

    Suzette Kent thanks the federal IT workforce for their public service.

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  • The CIO Council Welcomes David Shive as Vice-Chair

    By: CIO Council Support | 22 Apr 2020

    CIO Council Welcomes David Shive as Vice-Chair.

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  • Administration Announces Cybersecurity Developmental Detail Opportunities

    By: CIO Council Support | 13 Mar 2020

    Today, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), the Chief Information Officers Council, and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) are pleased to announce the availability of temporary detail opportunities to support the growth and development of the Federal cybersecurity workforce.

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  • What's New on

    By: Suzette Kent, Federal CIO | 27 Sep 2019

    As one of the IT Modernization Goal Leaders, I’m excited to announce that in alignment with the IT Modernization Goal and the 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) we’ve re-launched leveraging common solutions and innovative practices to improve efficiency, increase security, and ultimately meet citizens’ needs. your needs....

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  • We've Got a New Look!

    By: CIO Council Operations | 27 Sep 2019

    The CIO Council wanted to make your experience better, so has a new look and feel. Take a look around. Explore our new features. Read more about how we worked to better meet your needs.

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  • Working Together to Advance Federal Mobility

    By: Federal Mobility Working Group | 16 Jul 2019

    The Federal CIO Council is excited to unveil the Federal Mobility Group (FMG), a federal Community of Practice that coalesces the membership and goals of the existing Mobile Services Category Team (MSCT) with those...

  • 2019

  • How to Win with Technology Business Management (TBM)

    By: Jason Gray, CIO, Department of Education and David Shive, CIO, General Services Administration | 13 Mar 2019

    As co-leads of the President’s Management Agenda Cross Agency Priority goal on IT Spending Transparency, the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Department of Education (Education) created a TBM Playbook in order to share some common themes in the Federal implementations of TBM at our agencies.

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  • Federal CIO Council 2017 Accomplishments

    By: CIO Council Operations | 29 Dec 2017

    This post highlights the CIOC's Accomplishments from 2017.

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  • 12 Days of Federal Government Holiday Apps

    By: CIO Council Operations | 06 Dec 2016

    1. USPS Mobile by the United States Postal Service. This app is great for shipping holiday presents. You can schedule package pick up, track your shipments, and look up zip codes among other features.

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