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News articles related to policy

CIO Council Releases State of Federal IT Report

By: CIO Council Operations | 19 Jan 2017

Over the past six months, the Federal CIO Council (CIOC), in partnership with GSA’s Office of Government-wide Policy, worked to author a report that would provide an understanding of where Federal IT is and how to continue to improve on managing and modernizing it. That report – the State of...

  • policy

  • The People's Code

    By: Tony Scott | 11 Aug 2016

    This blog entry was originally published on August 1st, 2016 on the White House blog. “If we can reconceive of our government so that the interactions and the interplay between private sector, nonprofits, and government are opened up, and we use technology, data, social media in order to join forces...

  • 2016

  • HTTPS Everywhere for Government

    By: Tony Scott | 08 Jun 2015

    Today, Federal CIO Tony Scott signed an OMB memorandum to enact the HTTPS-Only Standard for all Federal websites and web services. OMB first proposed the standard in March and requested comment from the public. During the feedback period, the proposal received numerous comments and suggestions from Internet’s standards bodies, popular...

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  • 2015