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Cloud Infrastructure Cop

Cloud and Infrastructure Community of Practice

About Our CoP

The Cloud & Infrastructure Community of Practice (C&I CoP) provides both in-person and virtual forums for agencies to share and learn about Federal IT infrastructure. Discussion topics include cloud adoption, new technologies, best practices, common challenges, and more. The C&I CoP facilitates information sharing among federal agencies to speed cloud migration and data center consolidation.

How to Participate

Attend Meetings

The C&I CoP meets the first Wednesday afternoon of each month at GSA in Washington, DC. These meetings provide agencies with an opportunity to ask questions and share insights with IT infrastructure colleagues. Participants can attend either in-person or virtually. Email to submit agenda items or suggest topics for future meetings.

Participate in Working Groups

C&I CoP members can join working groups to participate in in-depth discussions and research on federal IT. Working group members collaboratively develop solutions such as white papers, and share with the wider C&I CoP for consideration. Email to learn more about joining these working groups.

Join the Listserv

Subscribe to receive C&I CoP meeting invites, updates, and tips on IT optimization. Only those with a “.gov” or “.mil” email may join. Email to request to join using another official federal email address. To join:

  1. Click on to launch an email.
  2. Remove your signature block from the blank email.
  3. In the email message body, type “subscribe datacenters [First Name] [Last Name], [Position Title]” (Example: subscribe datacenters John Doe, Cloud Migration Manager).
  4. Leave the email subject field empty.
  5. Send the message. You will receive a confirmation email once added to the listserv.

Related Resources

C&I CoP Homepage

The C&I CoP’s page ( Login Required) is the main online repository of CoP information. Find past presentations, upcoming meeting information, and other CoP-specific resources. Anyone with a federal email address can sign up and access the C&I CoP CIO Council page.

CIO Council Knowledge Portal

The DCOI PMO, a co-sponsor of the CoP, has produced resources ranging from guidance on cooling for data centers, to steps agencies should consider when migrating to the cloud. These resources are stored on the CIO Council Knowledge Portal on OMB ( Login Required). Anyone with a federal email address can sign up and access these documents on

Email to contribute to or suggest resources for the Knowledge Portal.

Application Rationalization Playbook

The Playbook is a practical guide for application rationalization and IT portfolio management under Cloud Smart. It helps Portfolio Managers think through their agency’s approach to IT modernization. It also addresses challenges and opportunities for IT leaders, managers, and technical practitioners, and offers suggestions on how to overcome barriers to success. Each agency should tailor it to fit their unique needs. Application rationalization will ultimately help federal agencies mature IT portfolio management capabilities, empower leaders to make informed decisions, and improve the delivery of key mission and business services.

The Application Rationalization Example Questionnaire Template is a supplemental tool for the Application Rationalization Playbook. Agencies should feel free to use this template and modify as they see fit to best prepare to initiate an application rationalization process. The Template is not designed to be an exhaustive questionnaire, but agencies can use the template as a starting point.


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