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About Our Council

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Melinda Rogers

Melinda Rogers

Chief Information Officer, Department of Justice

Melinda Rogers was designated as Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Information Resource Management within the Justice Management Division on March 1, 2020. Prior to her designation, she served as Deputy Chief Information Officer (CIO), and earlier she was the Department’s Chief Information Security Officer (CISO).

In her role as CIO, Ms. Rogers is responsible for overseeing the Department’s $3.1 billion Information Technology (IT) portfolio, providing strategic direction to DOJ Components and directly supporting mission operations through IT service delivery. Additionally within Ms. Rogers’ purview is the Department’s Cybersecurity Program, which proactively mitigates and monitors risks associated with the management, security, and acquisition of DOJ technology assets. Ms. Rogers also serves as the Chief Data Officer for the Department of Justice.

Ms. Rogers has extensive experience managing and implementing IT and cybersecurity solutions in the U.S. health and financial services sectors, where she was most recently Equifax’s Assistant Vice President for Fraud Prevention and Identity Verification Solutions. Ms. Rogers received her MBA from Emory University in Atlanta and is an alumna of George Mason University.

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