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CIO Council Priorities

The President's Management Agenda (PMA)

What is the PMA?

The President’s Management Agenda lays out a long-term vision for modernizing the Federal Government in key areas. This will improve the ability of agencies to deliver mission outcomes, provide excellent service, and effectively steward taxpayer dollars.

To drive these priorities, the Administration leverages Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals to coordinate and publicly track implementation across Federal agencies. CAP Goals are updated or revised every four years with each Presidential Administration’s term.

Why This Matters to the CIO Council

CAP Goals are a tool used by leadership to accelerate progress on a limited number of Presidential priority areas where implementation requires active collaboration among multiple agencies. CAP Goals are long-term in nature. They drive cross-government collaboration to tackle government-wide management challenges affecting most agencies. In this case, CIOs use CAP Goals to inform their approach to Federal information resources. Learn more about the PMA and all CAP Goals at

The CAP goals that most often inform our Council include:

Modernize IT to Increase Productivity and Security

Modernize IT to Increase Productivity and Security

Build and maintain more modern, secure, and resilient IT to enhance mission delivery and productivity – driving value by increasing efficiencies of Government IT.

Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset

Leveraging Data as a Strategic Asset

Leverage data as a strategic asset to grow the economy, increase the effectiveness of the Federal Government, facilitate oversight, and promote transparency.

Sharing Quality Services

Sharing Quality Services

Create a mission-driven government with modern technology and services that enable the workforce to better serve the American taxpayer.

Improving Outcomes Through Federal IT Spending Transparency

Improving Outcomes Through Federal IT Spending Transparency

Enable the Government to run IT like a business, drive innovation & business transformation, improve services to citizens, add cost transparency, and increase accountability.


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