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Policies & Priorities

Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Strategy

Policy Overview

Per the Federal Cybersecurity Workforce Strategy, via Executive Order 13800, the President will continue to hold heads of executive departments and agencies accountable for managing cybersecurity risk to their enterprises, which includes ensuring the effectiveness of their cybersecurity workforces.

This Executive Order, along with the National Cyber Strategy and the President’s 2018 Management Agenda, each emphasize that a superior cybersecurity workforce is necessary. America’s cybersecurity workforce is a diverse group of practitioners who govern, design, defend, analyze, administer, operate, and maintain our Nation’s data, systems, and networks. With a shortage of cybersecurity talent and capability, agencies need to tae more innovative approaches to building and fostering this workforce. Agencies must:

  • Facilitate the seamless movement of cybersecurity practitioners between the public and private sectors, maximizing the contributions made by their diverse skills, experiences, and talents to our Nation;
  • Support the development of cybersecurity skills and encourage excellence so that America can maintain its competitive edge in cybersecurity;
  • Recognize and reward the country’s highest-performing cybersecurity practitioners and teams; and
  • Create the organizational and technological tools required to maximize the cybersecurity talents and capabilities of American workers –-especially when those talents and capabilities can advance our national and economic security.

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