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Policies & Priorities

Management of High Value Assets

Policy Overview

With the creation of the High Value Asset (HVA) initiative in 2015, the Federal Government’s CFO Act agencies took a pivotal step toward the identification of its most critical assets. DHS, in coordination with OMB, established a capability to assess agency HVAs, resulting in the identification of critical areas of weakness and plans to remediate those areas of weakness.

As of memorandum M-19-03 in December 2018, Management of High Value Assets provides agencies with an updated approach to identifying HVAs. It established three possible categories for designating Federal information or a Federal information system as an HVA: Informational Value, Mission Essential, or Federal Civilian Enterprise Essential (FCEE). It also updates the require approach for agencies to report, assess, and remediate HVAs to protect against cyberattacks.

This memorandum rescinds M-16-04, Cybersecurity Strategy and Implementation Plan (CSIP) for the Federal Civilian Government, and M-17-09, Management of Federal High Value Assets.  

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