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News articles from 2019

Networks of the Future - The Foundation of Tomorrow’s Technologies

By: CIO Council’s Innovation Committee | 19 Dec 2019

The CIO Council’s Innovation Committee recently published a white paper titled Networks of the Future highlighting the new and emerging technologies that will disrupt the networking space. The white paper provides insight into how the next generation of networking technologies will impact Federal agencies and citizen services. Computer networks are...

  • it-modernization

  • CISO Council Co-Chair, Steven Hernandez, reflects on FY19

    By: Steven Hernandez, Chief Information Security Officer, Department of Education | 31 Oct 2019

    Reflecting on the Past Looking back over this last year is a moment of pride and accomplishment for the Chief Information Security Officers (CISO) Council. When I joined the council as co-chair last October, I remember there was a tremendous amount of ideas, positions and new faces in the CISO...

  • 2019

  • Securing Small Agencies with Big Missions

    By: Patrick Bevill, Chief Information Security Officer, Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board | 25 Oct 2019

    Cyber Security Skills at a Small Agency During my first month working as an IT Security Specialist in a small Federal agency, we experienced a cyber incident. As our response unfolded, I found myself playing a full cast of characters, a much broader role than the job title alone might...

  • cybersecurity

  • Staying Ahead of the Curve - The Innovation Committee’s Emerging Technology Series

    By: CIO Council Operations | 18 Oct 2019

    Staying Ahead of the Curve: The Innovation Committee’s Emerging Technology Series The CIO Council’s Innovation Committee is leading government adoption of new and innovative practices, processes, and technologies that promise to fundamentally change the way agencies deliver services to the American people. Earlier this year, the Innovation Committee began developing...

  • innovation

  • Cybersecurity Awareness Month Kicks Off

    By: Grant Schneider, Federal Chief Information Security Officer | 04 Oct 2019

    During National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, we recognize that malicious cyber actors seek to compromise federal information systems and data in order to steal information the government holds on behalf of and about the American people. While the number of cybersecurity incidents at Federal agencies decreased by 12% in FY 2018,...

  • 2019

  • What's New on

    By: Suzette Kent, Federal CIO | 27 Sep 2019

    On September 19th, the Administration published updates to the Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) Goals and Agency Priority Goals (APGs) on These updates reflect the progress made between May and June 2019. As one of the IT Modernization Goal Leaders, I’m excited to announce that in alignment with the IT Modernization...

  • 2019

  • We've Got a New Look!

    By: CIO Council Operations | 27 Sep 2019

    The new is now live! Launched in September 2019, the redesigned site hopes to improve user experience while leveraging the latest in best practice compliance, Federalist templates, and US Web Design System. This past spring, the CIO Council Operations Team interviewed Council leadership and key stakeholders from the Office...

  • 2019

  • Working Together to Advance Federal Mobility

    By: Federal Mobility Working Group | 16 Jul 2019

    The Federal CIO Council is excited to unveil the Federal Mobility Group (FMG), a federal Community of Practice that coalesces the membership and goals of the existing Mobile Services Category Team (MSCT) with those of the Mobile Technology Tiger Team (MTTT). The MSCT was established in 2016 by the OMB...

  • 2019

  • The Significance of HER Perspective - How Women in Federal IT are Paving the Way for Future Generations of Female Leadership

    By: CIO Council Operations | 25 Jun 2019

    Earlier this month, women across the federal government gathered for the second annual Women in Federal Information Technology and Cybersecurity Event: The Significance of HER Perspective. Over 200 attendees heard from Federal IT leaders as they shared experiences and perspectives, gave advice on their career paths in IT, and held...

  • workforce

  • The GEAR Center Challenge is Now Open - Submit Your Ideas Today

    By: Team | 08 May 2019

    The General Services Administration and Office of Management and Budget are excited to launch the Government Effectiveness Advanced Research (GEAR) Center Challenge! The challenge is the next step toward establishing an innovation hub for Government known as the GEAR Center which will aim to tackle the toughest management challenges facing...

  • 2019

  • Defining IT Centralization

    By: Erin Strenio, Content Designer at 18F and Amy Ashida, UX Designer at 18F | 08 Apr 2019

    The President’s Management Agenda rightly focuses on the need to modernize IT to better serve citizens and support agency missions in the digital age. There is also a heavy emphasis on the opportunity to reduce costs, redundancies and free up valuable work hours through increased standards and shared services. But...

  • pma

  • The President’s Management Agenda - Celebrating One Year of Progress

    By: CIO Council Operations | 20 Mar 2019

    One year ago in Kansas City, MO, the Administration rolled out the President’s Management Agenda (PMA) as a long-term vision for modernizing the Federal Government. Today, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released a new update which looks back on a year of progress toward the ultimate goal of...

  • pma

  • How to Win with Technology Business Management (TBM)

    By: Jason Gray, CIO, Department of Education and David Shive, CIO, General Services Administration | 13 Mar 2019

    How to Win with Technology Business Management (TBM) TBM focuses on cost transparency, maximizing outcomes for innovation, and ensuring that IT spending aligns with business strategy and priorities. TBM is not just compliance reporting – it’s about making good decisions in every aspect of agency technology. As co-leads of the...

  • cio-council

  • CIOC Members honored as Gears of Government Award Recipients

    By: CIO Council Operations | 27 Feb 2019

    We’re excited to share that several teams and individuals from across the government have been named Gears of Government Award winners on behalf of the CIO Council! Their stories can be found on the Hall of Winners page on The awards include many examples of how IT modernization is...

  • 2019