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Policies & Priorities


Policy Overview

The Federal Government needs an IT workforce that can effectively carry out its mission. “Workforce” is a push toward identifying, hiring, and empowering the best possible people in federal IT. The Administration’s broader focus on Developing the Workforce of the 21st Century aims to “achieve a state where Federal agencies and managers can hire the best employees, remove the worst employees, and engage employees at all levels of the organization. The Government must put a framework in place that drives and encourages strategic human capital management.”

Why This Matters to the CIO Council

The Council is committed to its strategic goal of providing the Federal Government with a workforce of highly capable IT professionals with mission critical competencies to meet agency goals.

Our Workforce Committee focuses on the full employment life cycle: workforce planning, recruitment, retention, and career development. We work with the Federal Chief Human Capital Officers and broader HR community to develop, implement, and communicate strategies to recruit, retain, and manage a fully trained and qualified tech and cybersecurity workforce, to better meet current and future mission requirements.

Learn more about how to become a part of the Federal Technology and Cybersecurity Workforce on our Jobs page.

Position Descriptions

An important role of Federal CIOs and their staff is writing strong position descriptions for their employees that include modern best-practices. offers a position description repository of PDs that are meant to provide inspiration and serve as a template or samples for drafting PDs in partner agencies. Please find more information and guidance at the CIO Council Position Description Repository.  

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