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Technology Business Management (TBM)

News articles related to TBM

New Maturity Model Increases IT Spending Transparency, Meets Federal Action Plan Milestone

By: Federal Technology Investment Management CoP | 30 Sep 2020

The CIO Council's Federal Technology Investment Management (FTIM) Community of Practice (CoP) and the ACT-IAC IT Management and Modernization (ITMM) Community of Interest (CoI) have collaborated to deliver an IT spending transparency maturity model. This model supports the IT Spending Transparency Maturity Model milestone in action #9 of the Federal Data...

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  • Meeting IT Priorities with TBM

    By: Federal Technology Investment Management (FTIM) CoP | 30 Jun 2020

    Technology Business Management (TBM) aligns cost to IT services to improve delivery and efficiency, meaning this framework can be leveraged successfully amongst Executive Leadership across agencies. TBM will ultimately empower agency CIOs to better understand and communicate the business and mission value of IT spending to senior executives, mission support...

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  • Help Wanted - Increase the Effectiveness of your Tax Dollar

    By: Margaret Weichert, OMB Deputy Director of Management | 31 May 2018

    This blog entry was previously published in The Federal government spends at least $90 billion annually on IT. The announcement of the President’s Management Agenda included a cross-agency priority goal specifically focused on increasing transparency in spend and performance metrics associated with IT across the enterprise. The adoption of...

  • 2018

  • Technology Business Management Agency Case Study - Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    By: CIO Council Operations | 02 Oct 2017

    “Components need to understand not just what they are buying from IT but what they are consuming.” – Harrell Watkins, Director of IT Operations The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) protects human health and the environment by developing and enforcing regulations, giving grants, studying environmental issues and teaching people about...

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  • 2017

  • Technology Business Management Case Study - Washington State

    By: CIO Council Operations | 25 Sep 2017

    The Federal government spends at least $90 billion a year on information technology (IT), nearly threequarters of which pays for maintenance of existing systems. Federal agencies, in coordination with the Chief Information Officers (CIO) Council and the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), are using the Technology Business Management (TBM)...

  • 2017

  • White House Summit - Technology Business Management

    By: Margie Graves | 08 Aug 2017

    On July 20, Office of Management and Budget (OMB) co-sponsored an event with the TBM Council designed to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange between some of the leading minds in government and commercial technology leadership. This one-day event featured panel sessions and open discussions “By leveraging Technology Business Management (TBM),...

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