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Our Team and Leadership

Cloud and Infrastructure Community of Practice

Cloud & Infrastructure
Community of Practice Executive

The Cloud & Infrastructure (C&I) CoP Executive Committee (Ex-Com) provides leadership by directing the CoP on topics for discussion, providing resources to support CoP efforts, and promoting the CoP to the wider federal community. The Ex-Com meets monthly to discuss the state of the CoP and is sponsored by an agency CIO to ensure alignment with the needs of the wider federal CIO community.


Federal Cloud Representative
Guy Cavallo, Co-Chair
Deputy Chief Information Officer Office of Personnel Management
DCCOI PMO Representative
Thomas Santucci, Co-Chair
DCCOI PMO Director General Services Administration
Federal Network Representative
Robert Sears, Co-Chair
N-Wave Branch Chief National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


IT Acquisition Representative
Allen Hill
Acting Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Category Management General Services Administration
CIO Representative
Kenneth Klinner
Deputy Chief Information Officer Program Management Division, Department of Interior
CFO ACT Agency Representative
Mike Cassidy
Chief Technology Officer U.S. Trustee Program, Department of Justice
Non-CFO ACT Agency Representative
Carolyn Sanders
Deputy Assistant Director Office of Information Technology, Pretrial Services Agency