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Cloud Infrastructure Guidance Resources

Cloud and Infrastructure Community of Practice

Guidance & Resources


IT modernization is a key component of the Federal Government’s ability to leverage American innovation through the increased use of commercial technology. Successful federal IT modernization efforts improve citizen services in a cost-effective and secure manner.

The DCCOI PMO provides resources for federal agencies to consolidate and modernize their IT infrastructure. Additionally, the DCCOI PMO helps agencies comply with federal policies impacting data center, cloud, and IT infrastructure optimization by acquiring technologies, tools, and evidence-based best practices to meet requirements in OMB Memo M-19-19 and the Federal Cloud Computing Strategy, Cloud Smart.

Why This Matters to the CIO Council

  • Serve as OMB’s managing partner of the DCOI
  • Co-sponsor the Cloud & Infrastructure Community of Practice, providing a forum for agencies to discuss cloud and data center implementation and optimization
  • Perform agency-specific DCOI IDC analysis and develop quarterly reports to help encourage progress towards optimization goals and find areas of opportunity for closure, consolidation, and optimization

Cloud Smart

This Administration places a significant emphasis on improving the way the Federal Government serves American citizens and recognizes that IT modernization is a key component to provide Americans the services they deserve. The successful execution of IT modernization efforts is strengthened by several key efforts across the Federal Government, including:

  • Enhancing federal IT and digital services,
  • Reducing cybersecurity risks to the federal mission,
  • Building a modern IT workforce, and
  • Integrating industry feedback into IT modernization efforts.

Related Policies, Priorities, and Resources

Below are resources for the federal IT community. Those with a .gov email address can access the Cloud Strategy Guide on the C&I CoP’s page.

Below are resources for the federal IT community. Those with a .gov email address can access the Cloud Strategy Guide on the C&I CoP’s page.


Cloud Smart


Cloud Smart


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