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6.5 Technology Business Management (TBM)

Policies & Initiatives

6.5 Technology Business Management (TBM)

TBM is an IT management framework that implements a standard way to categorize IT costs, technologies, resources, applications, and services in order to disaggregate IT spending into consistent categories to provide CIOs with a detailed understanding of their organization’s IT costs. These categories include the Finance View, IT View, and the Business View. Additionally, TBM further enables FITARA implementation and helps to benchmark IT spending, improve acquisitions, and enhance understanding of IT investment costs. Full realization of TBM is intended to connect IT to business value, support partnerships between IT and mission teams throughout agencies, and break down data silos across organizations. (CIO Council. Technology Business Management.)

GSA worked with the Department of Education (ED) to develop the TBM Playbook which is designed to assist federal agencies as they begin TBM implementation by offering guidance and lessons learned. (GSA. Technology Business Management Playbook.) The seven plays to improve chances of beginning a successful TBM implementation include:

  • Identify key players and stakeholders
  • Determine current state
  • Identify measurable desired outcome
  • Start aligning data
  • Look for insights
  • Rollout and adoption
  • Keep maturing the TBM implementation

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