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1.3.3 Agency IT Authorities - Laws and Executive Orders

1.3 IT Workforce

1.3.3 Agency IT Authorities - Laws and Executive Orders

This section consists of IT authorities assigned to agencies in laws and executive orders which directly or indirectly task the CIO with duties or responsibilities pertaining to the IT workforce. The statutory language is directly pulled from the applicable laws and executive orders. In most cases, the heads of agencies delegate all IT management responsibilities to the CIO, but some functions are explicitly assigned to more than one person (e.g. the CIO in consultation with the CFO). See individual agency policies to determine how instances of dual responsibility are implemented and executed, and what tasks (if any) are required of the agency head but not delegated to the CIO.

Knowledge and Skill Standards for IT Personnel
The head of each covered agency shall take all necessary and appropriate action to ensure that: ( EO 13833. Enhancing the Effectiveness of Agency Chief Information Officers. May 2018.)

  1. The CIO assesses and advises the agency head regarding knowledge and skill standards established for agency IT personnel;
  2. The established knowledge and skill standards are included in the performance standards and reflected in the performance evaluations of all component CIOs, and that the CIO is responsible for that portion of the evaluation; and
  3. All component CIOs apply those standards within their own components.

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