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3.2 OMB Circulars

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3.2 OMB Circulars

An OMB Circular provides instructions or information issued to Federal agencies which are expected to have a continuing effect of two years or more. (OMB. Circulars.) Circulars are one of the primary ways OMB provides detailed instructions and information to Federal agencies. Importantly, Circulars standardize implementation guidance for Federal agencies across an array of policy areas and topics that are central to the Federal Government’s management and budget processes.

Circular A-130: (CIO. Circular A-130 Managing Information As a Strategic Resource.)

  • In July 2016, [OMB] revised Circular A-130, Managing Information as a Strategic Resource (Ibid), to reflect changes in law and advances in technology. The revisions also ensure consistency with executive orders, presidential directives, recent OMB policy, and National Institute of Standards and Technology standards and guidelines.
  • The Circular establishes general policy for information governance, acquisitions, records management, open data, workforce, security, and privacy. It also emphasizes the role of both privacy and security in the Federal information life cycle. Importantly, it represents a shift from viewing security and privacy requirements as compliance exercises to understanding security and privacy as crucial elements of a comprehensive, strategic, and continuous risk-based program at Federal agencies. Circular A-11: (OMB. 2019 Revision to OMB Circular A-11, Part 6: Strengthening the Policy Framework for Improving Program and Service Delivery. 8/14/2019.)
  • The OMB Circular A-11 is a United States government document issued by the Office of Management and Budget in the form of a written advisory that provides information related to the preparation of the various budgets of agencies of the Federal Government. It is the primary document instructing these agencies in methods, requirements, and terminology for submissions to be reviewed for approval.

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