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1.2.3 Agency IT Authorities - Laws and Executive Orders

1.2 IT Strategic Planning

1.2.3 Agency IT Authorities - Laws and Executive Orders

This section consists of IT authorities assigned to agencies in laws and executive orders which directly or indirectly task the CIO with duties or responsibilities pertaining to IT strategic planning. The statutory language is directly pulled from the applicable laws and executive orders. In most cases, the heads of agencies delegate all IT management responsibilities to the CIO, but some functions are explicitly assigned to more than one person (e.g. the CIO in consultation with the CFO). See individual agency policies to determine how instances of dual responsibility are implemented and executed, and what tasks (if any) are required of the agency head but not delegated to the CIO.

Agency Strategic Plans
Not later than the first Monday in February of any year, following the year in which the term of the President commences under section 101 of title 3, the head of each agency shall make available on the public website of the agency a strategic plan and notify the President and Congress of its availability. (5 U.S.C. §306. Agency Strategic Plans.)

Such plan shall contain:

  1. A comprehensive mission statement covering the major functions and operations of the agency;
  2. General goals and objectives, including outcome-oriented goals, for the major functions and operations of the agency;
  3. A description of how any goals and objectives contribute to the Federal Government priority goals required by section 1120(a) of title 31;
  4. A description of how the goals and objectives are to be achieved, including:
    1. A description of the operational processes, skills and technology, and the human, capital, information, and other resources required to achieve those goals and objectives; and
    2. A description of how the agency is working with other agencies to achieve its goals and objectives as well as relevant Federal Government priority goals.

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