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7.2 CPIC Reporting


7.2 CPIC Reporting

The CPIC reporting process includes all stages of capital programming including planning, budgeting, procurement, management, and assessment. OMB’s reporting requirements are communicated to federal executive departments and agencies through the annual updates to OMB Circular A-11, Section 55. (CIO Council. Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC).) CIOs are expected to coordinate to ensure that IT budget data is consistent with the agency’s budget submission and are also expected to provide a CIO Evaluation Report for all Major Investments and Part 3 Standard Investments. Agency CPIC information is collected through the annual E-Gov collection, which includes the collection of IT investment information for the Previous Year’s (PY) actual spend, Current Year (CY) estimated spend, and requested spend in the President’s Budget request for the Budget Year (BY). The CPIC reporting process heavily leverages the TBM framework to gain increased granularity about IT spend across federal executive departments and agencies. (OMB Circular A-11. Preparation, Submission, and Execution of the Budget. 2020.)

Agencies are no longer required to submit an IT Resources Statement as part of their agency budget submission to OMB. Other IT related materials are required, as detailed in Section 55, and submitted according to the following IT CPIC Milestones:

  • August
    • Draft Agency IT Investment Portfolio Summary submission
    • Verification that the required E-Gov/Line of Business (LoB) contribution levels are being included in the agency's budget plans
  • September
    • Agency IT Portfolio Summary submission
    • Agency IT Portfolio Summary Details
  • January
    • Final Agency IT Portfolio Summary and IT Portfolio Summary Details based on the President's Budget submissions
  • June
    • Optional Mid-Session Review submission

To the extent possible, align budget accounts with programs, distinguishing among components that contribute to different strategic objectives. (OMB Circular A-11. Preparation, Submission, and Execution of the Budget. Section 51. 2020.)

For more information consult the Reporting Calendar.

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