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4.1 Overview of Key Stakeholders

Key Stakeholders

4.1 Overview of Key Stakeholders

Overview of Key Stakeholders
CIOs must maintain relationships with many stakeholders both within their agency and across the Federal government to effectively perform their duties. These stakeholders’ roles and titles will vary from agency to agency, and it is common for one person to perform more than one of these functions simultaneously.

Agency CXOs are the executives who lead agency management functions, along with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) these roles are the Chief Acquisition Officer (CAO), Chief Data Officer (CDO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO), and Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). Executives leading these management functions work closely with the Performance Improvement Office (PIO), agency head and Chief Operating Officer (COO) to ensure that mission support resources are effectively and efficiently aligned and deployed to achieve the agency mission. This includes such activities as routinely leading efforts to set goals, make results transparent, review progress, and make course corrections as needed to ensure that the agency’s management functions are effective in supporting agency goals and objectives.

Beyond the “C-Suite” and their corresponding councils, CIOs also should maintain working relationships with their agency’s Legislative Affairs office to ensure they are aware of Congressional proceedings or interests which may pertain to their agency’s IT portfolio as well as their Senior Agency Official for Privacy (SAOP). OMB Desk Officers and Resource Management Officers (RMOs) are also key sources of support on management and budget topics, respectively.

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