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7.1 Integrated Data Collection (IDC)


7.1 Integrated Data Collection (IDC)

The IDC is the OMB Office of the Federal CIO’s (OFCIO) quarterly reporting mechanism to capture data and information related to PortfolioStat, DCOI, and other OFCIO-led initiatives. Agencies determine the individuals responsible for IDC reporting and tend to include a team of individuals from across an agency with a leader who reports to the CIO, Deputy CIO, or CISO. These individuals for each agency can be found in the IDC section of (The website is only accessible to federal employees)

OFCIO established the Information Collection Review Board (ICRB) (OMB. E-Gov Integrated Data Collection (IDC)) to manage the IDC process on a quarterly basis and make any necessary changes to the reporting instructions. The ICRB ensures that the IDC process is efficient and gathers relevant data while limiting the burden on participating agencies. (Participation varies by reporting activity. See subsequent sections for agency requirements.)

Each quarter, OFCIO produces the Quarterly IDC Instructions that documents reporting fields and requirements. OFCIO also solicits feedback from reporting agencies and partners to improve the reporting process and remove unnecessary data collections when appropriate. The “Quarter-By Quarter IDC Timeline & Changes” table on collects from the May 2018 IDC quarter and each quarter thereafter, new engagements related to any agency-led TechStats, OMB-led TechStats, or OMB engagements like PortfolioStats; information regarding past engagements; and reporting on any agreed- upon action items resulting from those sessions. (OMB. E-Gov Integrated Data Collection (IDC). Attachments. Quarterly IDC Instructions November 2020.)

For more information consult the Reporting Calendar.

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