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4.8 Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Key Stakeholders

4.8 Chief Operating Officer (COO)

As envisioned by the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) Modernization Act of 2010 (GPRAMA), the agency COO is responsible for providing overall organization management to improve and achieve the mission and goals of the agency. COOs provide organizational leadership to improve performance of both mission and management functions. They bring together other leaders and staff within the agency, including component managers, program and project managers, research and evaluation experts, and other leaders of key management functions such as the CIO, the CFO, the [CHCO], the CAO, and PIO. With leadership from the COO, these and other agency leaders collectively solve problems and pursue opportunities that help the agency operate more effectively and efficiently. (OMB M-18-19. Improving the Management of Federal Programs and Projects through Implementing the Program Management Improvement Accountability Act (PMIAA). 6/25/2018.)

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