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2.18 IT Modernization Centers of Excellence Program Act

Information Technology Laws

2.18 IT Modernization Centers of Excellence Program Act

Enacted in 2020 to establish a program to facilitate the adoption of modern technology by executive agencies. This law codifies the GSA Centers of Excellence (CoEs) Program including the ten existing CoEs and any future ones. It creates a requirement for federal agencies to cooperate on information technology efforts including:

  • A commercial cloud computing system that includes
    • end-to-end migration planning and an assessment of progress towards modernization;
    • a cybersecurity and governance framework that promotes industry and government risk management best practice approaches, prioritizing efforts based on risk, impact, and consequences.
  • Tools to help an individual receive support from and communicate with an executive agency.
  • Contact centers and other related customer supports.
  • Efficient use of data management, analysis, and reporting.
  • The optimization of infrastructure, including for data centers, and the reduction of operating costs.
  • Artificial intelligence (Public Law 116-194. Information Technology Modernization Centers of Excellence Program Act.)

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