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6.7 Federal Data Strategy

Policies & Initiatives

6.7 Federal Data Strategy

The Federal Data Strategy, conceptualized in the 2018 PMA (The White House. President’s Management Agenda. April 2018.) and issued by OMB as M-19-18 in June 2019, provides a framework of operational principles and best practices to help agencies leverage consistent data infrastructure and strong data governance over the next ten years. (OMB M-19-18. Federal Data Strategy - A Framework for Consistency. 6/4/2019.) The Federal Data Strategy is complementary to current statutory requirements and OMB information policy and guidance. Included in the Federal Data Strategy is a set of principles including Ethical Governance, Conscious Design, and Learning Culture, as well as a set of 40 practices to guide agency data management activities.

To assist with implementing the Federal Data Strategy, OMB provided the 2020 Federal Data Strategy Action Plan (PMA. Federal Data Strategy 2020 Action Plan) which identifies six Agency Actions, four Community of Practice Actions, and ten Shared Solution Actions to be completed in 2020, the initial implementing year. The 2020 Action Plan can be found at The 2021 Federal Data Strategy Action Plan is in final review as of this publication.

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