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3.4 DHS Binding Operational Directive (BOD)

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3.4 DHS Binding Operational Directive (BOD)

A BOD is a compulsory direction to executive branch departments and agencies for purposes of safeguarding federal information and information systems. (44 U.S.C. § 3552(b)(l). Title 44 Public Printing and Documents.) Federal agencies are required to comply with these DHS-developed directives. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has the statutory responsibility, in consultation with OMB, to administer the implementation of agency information security policies and practices for information systems, which includes assisting agencies and providing certain government-wide protections. A BOD is a compulsory direction to an agency for purposes of safeguarding Federal information and information systems from a known or reasonably suspected information security threat, vulnerability, or risk in accordance with policies, principles, standards, and guidelines issued by the Director of OMB. (DHS. Binding Operational Directive 18-01. Enhance Email and Web Security. 10/16/2017.) As part of that responsibility, DHS is authorized to develop and oversee the implementation of binding operational directives to agencies to implement the policies, principles, standards, and guidance developed by the Director of OMB and requirements of FISMA.

See list of DHS BODs at (DHS. Binding Operational Directives)

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