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1.3.2 CIO Responsibilities - OMB Guidance

1.3 IT Workforce

1.3.2 CIO Responsibilities - OMB Guidance

This section consists of language from OMB guidance that further demarcates, expands upon, or otherwise clarifies the responsibilities of agency CIOs with regards to the IT workforce. See sections on OMB Memoranda and OMB Circulars for more information about these forms of OMB guidance. See sections on Office of Inspector General (OIG) and Government Accountability Office (GAO) to review how compliance with policies is measured.

CIO Approves [Component/Bureau] CIOs
The CIO shall be involved in the recruitment and shall approve the selection of any new bureau CIO (includes bureau leadership with CIO duties but not title-see definitions). The title and responsibilities of current bureau CIOs may be designated or transferred to other agency personnel by the agency head or his or her designee as appropriate, and such decisions may take into consideration recommendations from the agency CIO. (OMB M-15-14. Management and Oversight of Federal Information Technology. June 2015.)

Bureau IT Leadership Directory
The CIO and [CHCO] will conduct a survey of all bureau CIOs; and CIO and CHCO will jointly publish a dataset identifying all bureau officials with title of CIO or duties of a CIO. This [should have] been posted as a public dataset based on instructions in the IDC by August 15, 2015 and kept up to date thereafter. The report will identify for each:

  • Employment type (e.g., GS, SES, SL, ST, etc.)
  • Type of appointment (e.g., career, appointed, etc.)
  • Other responsibilities (e.g., full-time CIO or combination CIO/CFO). Evaluation “rating official” (e.g., bureau head, other official)
  • Evaluation “reviewing official” (if used)

Whether [agency] CIO identifies this bureau CIO as a “key bureau CIO” and thus requires the [agency] CIO to provide the rating official input into the agency-wide critical element(s) described in IT Workforce.

IT Workforce

The CIO and CHCO will develop a set of competency requirements for IT staff, including IT leadership positions, and develop and maintain a current workforce planning process to ensure the department/agency can

  • Anticipate and respond to changing mission requirements;
  • Maintain workforce skills in a rapidly developing IT environment; and
  • Recruit and retain the IT talent needed to accomplish the mission.

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